Friday, November 5, 2010

I come bearing gifts from my absence.

I'm killing some time from studying.

Currently I have a segment of writing I'm probably going to be sprucing up for my current art project, it goes a little like this:
"we count the days by watching the shadows rise and fall,
with the moon and the sun playing games in the flecks of our eyes, 
reality slips behind, as if it never mattered in the beginning and never will in the end.

the strings pulling at our legs and arms move us from day to day to day to day...

today i saw the sun set forty-four times,
but now i realize in my anguish i had been dreaming in my reality."
It still needs a bit of work done but that's so far what I have for that. Now time for your presents.

DAYs n/a (hiatus)

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