Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A season for giving.

I have a few backed up piles of photos so a few pictures a day won't hurt will it?

My favorite parts of the holidays have always been the weather, beautifully wrapped packages, and the shiny decorations. Though it has to be said that the cheery disposition that follows is always the very best part.

DAYS n/a

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rotting on the Vine by Werebear

Don't tell me you don't want this, because I know you better than that. Plus the kittens worked so hard on it! So pick it up and give it a listen, they'd be delighted to hear what you think. (on another note, they used one of my pictures for the album art, so check it out!) Rotting on the Vine by Werebear

Friday, November 5, 2010

I come bearing gifts from my absence.

I'm killing some time from studying.

Currently I have a segment of writing I'm probably going to be sprucing up for my current art project, it goes a little like this:
"we count the days by watching the shadows rise and fall,
with the moon and the sun playing games in the flecks of our eyes, 
reality slips behind, as if it never mattered in the beginning and never will in the end.

the strings pulling at our legs and arms move us from day to day to day to day...

today i saw the sun set forty-four times,
but now i realize in my anguish i had been dreaming in my reality."
It still needs a bit of work done but that's so far what I have for that. Now time for your presents.

DAYs n/a (hiatus)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello my kittens.

Pictures are currently on hold, I'm rather seriously swamped and I'm nowhere close to kidding. Aside from the feeling of having my limbs torn from me I'm currently out defeating dragons and saving princesses, the norm around here or so I've come to realize. Though the tasks are quite arduous they do have their end and their silver linings, I just really have to set my nose to the grindstone and buckle down for an insane ride.

I'll update with pictures when I have the time but I don't think anything will come about for quite a while. Consider this a brief hiatus.

Unfortunately my senior year hasn't at all gone any way I would have hoped. Fingers crossed for a better turnout soon.

Good-bye is not forever.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Taking the afternoon off.

Mono has left me bewildered that my legs won't take me further... My mind has left in the same manor that my strength had left my limbs. My body wilts under the illness that infected my well being, like a flower without sun I have yet to find the strength that will hold my head up high again.
And yet this absence aides me further in slipping swiftly behind the rest.

My days depend on big kid naps.

Day 18

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final touches.

Isn't it the hardest thing to find a costume you like all aspects of unless you're crafty and amazing at making your own? Well I've been stewing over my displeasure with the costume I'd chosen this year, the crown has been peeving me but I have gotten some things to help pull me over for the rest of the costume... So let's just say I finally stepped out and went to a craft store to fix this crown situation... AMAZING SHELF SPACE FULL OF BOXES. I walked right up to a shelf full of boxes thinking "don't mind if I do," and grabbed some cute little ones as my mother just stared at her odd child happily buzzing about in the most inane way.

Being of the "hobo" persuasion lets just say I have a natural affinity for boxes.
Being of the artist persuasion lets just say I know a thing or two about boxes.
boxes, boxes, boxes, man...

Day 17

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The following.

For the longest time as a kid shadows were intriguing. It was like a silent friend that went everywhere you did, except at night.

Day 16

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

These days we hide behind masks.

This weekend brings with it a pagan holiday, one of the more exciting ones if you ask me. Once a year children have the right to dress up in costumes to hide their identity and storm up to foreign thresholds demanding a savory snack. The exciting part for me is the collection of goodies and the dream like dizziness to the masquerade at night. It's still such a delight to celebrate even as I've gained years to my life. With that being said, I've collected what I needed for costumes this year. So currently I'm quite excited to break my streak of panda bear costumes.

Day 15

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's blue.

In life there is at least something that has bound you so that nothing seemed like the right thing to do. Your stomach would turn and many restless nights occurred or still do... No matter what choice you made it still seemed like the wrong one... Though there is always a way out in the end, no matter how arduous it may seem. It's all part of growing up though...

So this morning the custodian carried my little friend from the room still breathing. He jokingly suggesting feeding him to snakes as he left the room. It's been a rather blue day.

Day 14

Sunday, October 24, 2010

As of late.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm much too busy to update quite so often. So, Sundays will act as some form of "sabbath" for me but in the sense that I probably will refrain from taking pictures unless it's called for or necessary in some shape or form. The weekend will start on Friday and end Sunday night and I probably won't update within that time frame except possibly Sunday night with any pictures taken within those days so it will be like Christmas, for the soul fact that there will be more than one picture and probably a lot less writing. We shall see how this pans out for another week then.

DAYs n/a

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dust bunny lint trap.

Have you ever dumped out the contents of your pockets to discover more than half the amount of things in them, you couldn't recall how they came to be there? Have you ever noticed that sometimes you carry things in your pocket as a safety measure, or just for the sake of having some form of luck? These days I mostly find: pocket lint, bobby pins, a gum wrapper, lip balm, and an old fortune that had been torn in half. The first item is always there the next three are all items used as some sort of safety net (bad hair, chapped lips, emergency MacGyver gift, etc.), but the last item was a symbol of my life turning a new leaf and my luck finally changing for the better. Pockets contain all sorts of goodies, and for the longest time I just kept a pocket full of cereal and a Power Ranger.

Day 10

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

About the daydreamers.

I think it may be safe to assume we've all known someone who seemed to blend into the background, and let the world go on around them with little confrontation. It's not that they didn't want to participate but perhaps they where scared, much like a slug or snail retracts from being confronted by a single touch, wallflowers are introverted in a similar way. Wallflowers are delicate by nature, though you may over look their existence because of their shy nature, they are perhaps the most interesting people to get to know because of their unique perspective. They have observed many things in their years of living, and have the ability to build a great understanding from their surroundings and the people they may encounter. Many have a heightened awareness and an open mind for new ideas, which is more than an average person could say for themselves. Much like a slug takes it's time to go from place to place, wallflowers take in all they can about their surroundings and enjoy the simple things about life. They don't tend to overlook the little things, so often times they go about things in their own manner and get lost along the way. Which in this case, is often never a bad thing at all.

If you ever find yourself in the presence of a wallflower, be sweet and understanding. It may take time and patience but it's often times worth all of that. In taking the time to nurture a friendship with a wallflower you have the amazing gift of watching one fully bloom in front of your eyes.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Puddle jumping blues.

As a child I used to watch the rain fall,
like a cat at a windowsill.
All night and day I would watch
as it came down and slid across the glass.
My window protected me from the outside world,
but I sat waiting,
waiting for my chance
to sing in the rain.


Monday, October 18, 2010

The finer things in life are free.

It could be said that most of one's days should be carried on by the simple things. Often times those things are what make it so worth living in the first place. Whether it be a crunchy leaf to step on, a blue sky over head, a simple gesture by an acquaintance, or maybe even a warm hand to hold. Though it is easy to let a mind slip to being melancholy about the day it really shouldn't be.

Sometimes you just need that really great sandwich and a nice quite place to eat it at the end of the day.

p.s. My sweetheart helped me catch this one (just how I'd wanted it) since my hands were absolutely occupied with holding that sammich.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A simple way to keep artist's in check.

Ever so often I sit in front of the dusty keys.
My mind escapes me, I'm at a lack for words.
So I must leave behind my aspirations of
becoming a writer and paint my paper instead.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Low fidelity.

I don't have much to say for now except that
these are the extension of a heart and soul.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Growing up wasn't meant to be easy.

So maybe scraped knees and gaped teeth weren't the highlights of childhood... but they certainly were part of it. The thing to be so cherished is the innocence and pure joy that the young see in everything. The fact that children can look at the world like they've seen it for the first time and make their own explanations for the everyday, is mystifying in the sense that it comes so easy. The ability to be so happy with the simple things in life is hard to keep as you grow, and losing the rose colored lenses that keep you safe as a child is possibly the hardest part of it.

It is in fact true, though, that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and that goes without saying for me; that as you grow you face many different obstacles, but the ones you choose to let eat away at your very being, will surely rot you to the core. If you decide to take what has happened and use it try to make a better life, in finding a way to cope with the biased and often times cruel nature of being human, things will always turn out in the end, no matter if you can see the end in sight or not.

Part of growing up means refining the finer qualities of human nature and being able to understand the world in the many aspects you might face. It takes a great mind to be able to conquer your own giants and to admit that you are flawed. It's best not to fight being human; instead enjoy the ride, because it's been given to you for a reason.

So stop, breath, and step back from life for a while.
Stop focusing on point A to point B, and enjoy the journey until the ride is over. Take from it what you will, but the rest you should never regret.


p.s. I can't lie, it feels mean to try to deceive you... this photo was taken 3 days ago by me, but today I was awful busy and my camera decided not to charge. Though I thought it best to at least give you something, I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let it be a known fact.

Though I had once begged for a tin water bottle adorned with bicycles, my mother didn't quite see the sense in it. She doesn't get the concept of the reuse-ability of the sturdy, dent-able, adorably decorated, trouble of a bottle. I guess I have to kill plastic trees for another year or so then I can make up my own mind about it.

 DAY 3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shoes are the windows to our soles.

With glazed over eyes from many sleepless nights, I and
my sweetheart sat in the grass early this afternoon.
As my focus lingered in and out I'd lose my concentration to things such as
the grass, the bugs, the dirt, the roots of the tree where we lay under,
and particularly our shoes.

You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear....
or lack there of.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We will start where everyone finished.

Today is the start of something new (for me, possibly you too)
so let us begin where it all began.

I came to a revelation today of all days.
While thinking about how the phrase "my zen is boxes"
sounded during the daily grind of a dgafing teenager,
I'd realized what a schmuck I've been for neglecting my 

a  s  p  i  r  a  t  i  o  n  s  .

So this is my proposal to end this schmuckary 
and the purpose of this blog.

I, hobophonics, am here to drop some rants on your asses.
I am here to possibly write a parody on life titled
my zen is boxes. a love story about a kid and their box.
It will be a memoir of my life.

I am also possibly here to kick-start a new concept
where every day I take pictures and load at least one
as an exercise and to have as a fun challenge/ side project.

Once in a while I may load an art project, or some excuse for not loading the daily photo, Maybe I'll doodle something and decide to share it with whoever ventures near. From time to time I may drop a link for feedback on newly recorded songs, when they happen...

But hopefully in the midst of all this I shall get things done
and have this blog looming over my head as some form of motivation.

So let us end where they began and try this all over again.

I am hobophonics and I am here to share a piece of mind.