Friday, October 15, 2010

Growing up wasn't meant to be easy.

So maybe scraped knees and gaped teeth weren't the highlights of childhood... but they certainly were part of it. The thing to be so cherished is the innocence and pure joy that the young see in everything. The fact that children can look at the world like they've seen it for the first time and make their own explanations for the everyday, is mystifying in the sense that it comes so easy. The ability to be so happy with the simple things in life is hard to keep as you grow, and losing the rose colored lenses that keep you safe as a child is possibly the hardest part of it.

It is in fact true, though, that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and that goes without saying for me; that as you grow you face many different obstacles, but the ones you choose to let eat away at your very being, will surely rot you to the core. If you decide to take what has happened and use it try to make a better life, in finding a way to cope with the biased and often times cruel nature of being human, things will always turn out in the end, no matter if you can see the end in sight or not.

Part of growing up means refining the finer qualities of human nature and being able to understand the world in the many aspects you might face. It takes a great mind to be able to conquer your own giants and to admit that you are flawed. It's best not to fight being human; instead enjoy the ride, because it's been given to you for a reason.

So stop, breath, and step back from life for a while.
Stop focusing on point A to point B, and enjoy the journey until the ride is over. Take from it what you will, but the rest you should never regret.


p.s. I can't lie, it feels mean to try to deceive you... this photo was taken 3 days ago by me, but today I was awful busy and my camera decided not to charge. Though I thought it best to at least give you something, I'll try to do better tomorrow.

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