Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We will start where everyone finished.

Today is the start of something new (for me, possibly you too)
so let us begin where it all began.

I came to a revelation today of all days.
While thinking about how the phrase "my zen is boxes"
sounded during the daily grind of a dgafing teenager,
I'd realized what a schmuck I've been for neglecting my 

a  s  p  i  r  a  t  i  o  n  s  .

So this is my proposal to end this schmuckary 
and the purpose of this blog.

I, hobophonics, am here to drop some rants on your asses.
I am here to possibly write a parody on life titled
my zen is boxes. a love story about a kid and their box.
It will be a memoir of my life.

I am also possibly here to kick-start a new concept
where every day I take pictures and load at least one
as an exercise and to have as a fun challenge/ side project.

Once in a while I may load an art project, or some excuse for not loading the daily photo, Maybe I'll doodle something and decide to share it with whoever ventures near. From time to time I may drop a link for feedback on newly recorded songs, when they happen...

But hopefully in the midst of all this I shall get things done
and have this blog looming over my head as some form of motivation.

So let us end where they began and try this all over again.

I am hobophonics and I am here to share a piece of mind.