Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dust bunny lint trap.

Have you ever dumped out the contents of your pockets to discover more than half the amount of things in them, you couldn't recall how they came to be there? Have you ever noticed that sometimes you carry things in your pocket as a safety measure, or just for the sake of having some form of luck? These days I mostly find: pocket lint, bobby pins, a gum wrapper, lip balm, and an old fortune that had been torn in half. The first item is always there the next three are all items used as some sort of safety net (bad hair, chapped lips, emergency MacGyver gift, etc.), but the last item was a symbol of my life turning a new leaf and my luck finally changing for the better. Pockets contain all sorts of goodies, and for the longest time I just kept a pocket full of cereal and a Power Ranger.

Day 10

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